Meet the wonderful people who make this game and site possible!

John Akerson

Development Lead

Akerson went from drunk streamer for an obsolete game, to Dungeon Master of the most popular D&D 5E podcast in Aragonia, and most notably as Head Code Monkey of Forge & Fortune. Sometimes he can be heard mumbling "how the hell did Richard make this look so good" to himself.

Richard Pichardo

Front-End Developer

Richard works on Forge & Fortune's overall front-end experience and design using hamster magic and powered by a strict diet of freshly grown organic Hobbit-Approved lettuce from the farm lands of The Shire. He is often found staring in awe at Akerson's code and Abqu's smile. He is a firm believer that hotdogs are sandwiches because they are of course.


Game Designer

When he's not annoying Akerson with questions or breaking Richard's wizardry, Abqu works on the game's design. This includes rough balance, the naming of things, and finding creative ways to make tiny mistakes.

Katie Akerson

Community Manager

Hi I'm Katie. I do character development and story things and pretend to be the community manager. I like games and sometimes I pretend to be cool in a dnd podcast. Jinx from League of Legends is my favorite. Sometimes Abqu and Akerson have to mansplain things to me. But I catch on quickly! Sometimes I check our support email. kthxbye

Assets We Use

Check out the cool assets we use to make this game.


Awacato did all the hero sprites and portraits, as well as the headshots of us up above! She has open commissions if you've ever wanted your own pixel portraits - check out her work on her instagram!

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Finalbossblues Assets

I make the Time Fantasy series of RPG assets. I love to come up with new characters and locations, so the series is always growing with new expansions.

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Pixeltiers 16x16 RPG Pack

This is an asset pack with 1,420+ sprites (235+ unique designs) at a 16x16 resolution.

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Pixel Item!

Hundreds of 16x16 item graphic tiles!
Armor, clothing, treasure, magic items, charms, weapons etc, all ready to use.

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2D Cave Interior - Parallax Background

This beautifully illustrated background is 100% vector, and fully editable with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator software.

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Parallax Halloween 2D Game Backgrounds

This is a wonderful set of backgrounds on the theme of a popular holiday, which takes place on October 31.

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Game Icons

3817 free SVG and PNG icons for your games or apps.

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